1. something that's on my chest: my feelings.
2. the last dream I remember having: we broke up.
3. my current relationship status: in love with the same boy for four and a half year.
4. a description of my best friend(s): probably the best people in the world.
5. a description of someone I hate: girls I don't know.
6. a list of everything I've eaten today: two hot sandwiches and a salad.
7. lyrics that are relevant to how I feel right now: "there ain't a reason you and me should be alone tonight // but i got a reason that you're who should take me home tonight"
8. the last time I was really angry and why: half an hour ago because my horses were jerks.
9. the last time I cried and why: yesterday because of evil memories.
14. how my life was different this time last year: I didn't have an appartment in sundsvall.
15. someone I miss or a time I miss: 2007.
16. a list of things I spend money on in an average week: clothes, food, drinks.